Contact Us
Shady Grove Baptist Church
Neel, Alabama

Thank you so much for taking the time to inquire about our family.  Indeed that is what we are (a family) only we are very open to new members.  Come and see.  You might be surprised how well you fit in.

Our goal is to equip fellow Christians to discover their Spiritual gift and then to provide a venue through which the Spirit of God can live out through them in various ministries.  In that we find our true purpose: being the body of Christ living out His life.  It is our prayer that our heavenly Father will guide you to that place where you can grow in your knowledge of Him, to a measurable, Spiritual height, experiencing a deeper fellowship with Him through His family, the church.  I hope you enjoy browsing through our site and that you will follow-up with a visit.

Tom Campbell
Pastor Of Shady Grove